Taxidermy Information

Northfork's taxidermy originals are top quality!

Starting with a careful check of your capes and hides on delivery, we continue to monitor quality throughout the entire process so we can detect any issues and deal with them immediately. Capes and hides are sent to a commercial tannery in B.C. and are returned roughly 3 months later. It is common to have finished pieces heading out the door by January following the hunting season. We always do the best we can to have your mounts back to you within a year. Pieces requiring extensive work will be done as soon as possible. 

You can choose the pose of your mount. We then select top quality forms which may be altered in-house to fit each individual animal. Mounts are patiently pieced together over a period of several days to allow for development of small details. Prices for extreme custom work will be quoted after discussing the project. 

Habitat work will reflect the animal's natural surroundings. Cabinetry work can be in your choice of finish to match your current displays. Cabinetry is not done in house. 


This traditional style will blend perfectly with your existing mounts. 

Life size:

An impressive full-scale animal in your trophy room will have you reliving the moments of your hunt. Ask about quotes on half-size mounts. 

Wall or Floor Pedestal:

Pedestals offer a sleek modern style to your collection. 

European/Skull Mount:

Display your impressive trophy with a bleached white skull. If you would prefer a shoulder or life-size mount, we can source a cape for you. 


For the great room wall or master bedroom floor, our carefully handcrafted rugs will enliven your home. 

Horns in Velvet: 

Velvet will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If velvet is not in excellent condition, we may not be able to offer preservation services. 


At this time we are unable to offer fish or bird taxidermy. We can put you in contact with trustworthy taxidermists who do.